By AMC September 12, 2012

Look up "cheesy action films of the 90's" and you're bound to come across the alien invasion flick INDEPENDENCE DAY. The 1996 film featured Will Smith (you can argue it's the film that made Smith a legitimate movie star), Bill Pullmn, Vivica A. Fox and Jeff Goldblum and I'll admit to you all right now that I went to see it in theatres about 4 times. I ate that film up when it came out.

We've known for some time now that director Roland Emmerich and Fox Studios have been working on getting 2 back-to-back sequels off the ground. However, one of the major snags is that Will Smith is reportedly asking for $50 million for the projects which Fox has (understandably) balked at. We don't know what will happen, but Emmerich has made it clear that they are willing to do the films without Smith if they need to… which as a fan of both Smith and INDEPENDENCE DAY I'm completely fine with.

All that being said, it is now being reported that Emmerich has revealed the names of the 2 upcoming sequels which will be called ID FOREVER - PART 1 and obviously ID FOREVER - PART 2.

But even with titles in place it still doesn't seem that INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 and 3 are guaranteed to get made. Emmerich himself said: "It's a tough battle between the studio and the actors. But you have a right idea, which was quite unique, and it is therefore worth it to keep trying."

So while they're working, and while they have titles for the projects, it's still not 100%. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Source: ComingSoon

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