SINISTER Gets A New Motion Image

By AMC September 27, 2012

A new motion still has become available for the upcoming chiller “Sinister”.

Ethan Hawke stars in the horror-thriller from the producers of “Paranormal Activity” and the writer-director of “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.

In the film, Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a box of mysterious, disturbing home movies that plunge his family into a nightmarish experience of supernatural horror.

As a fan of both Hawke’s work and the legitimately terrifying “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” I am looking forward to seeing what this film can deliver in terms of story, character and, of course, scares.

Make sure to tune in to the AMC Movie Talk Podcast on Monday in which Ethan Hawke will come into the AMC Movie News studio to talk about the film.

Take a look at the image below.

Scott Derrickson directs a cast that includes Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio, James Ransone, Fred Dalton Thompson, Nicholas King, Clare Foley, Victoria Leigh, Juliet Rylance and Michael Hall D'Addario.

“Sinister” opens in AMC Theatres on October 5th.

Source: ShockTillYouDrop

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