TRANSFORMERS 4 Logo And Plot Details

By AMC September 24, 2012

A new, temporary logo for Michael Bay's upcoming “Transformers 4” has been released and can be seen below.

Meanwhile, Brian Goldner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro, provided some small plot details at the UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference.

The CEO said that Hasbro had been disappointed with the number of toy purchases that “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” inspired.

"This is why 'Transformers 4' will have a new cast of [robot] characters," Goldner explained, "and it will be a story revolving around these new characters."

Bay has also indicated that the film will feature a new cast and storyline.

Here's that new logo...

Transformers 4 Logo

We will keep you updated as details on the project emerge.

Look for “Transformers 4” in AMC Theatres on June 27, 2014.

Source: Coming Soon

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