Warner Bros. Wins Its SUPERMAN Lawsuit

By AMC October 22, 2012

Warner Bros. has just won a major victory regarding the rights to "Superman."

Warner Bros. was taken to court by Jean Peavy, who is the sister of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster, as a 'termination notice' on the copyright to the character. Judge Otis D. Wright ruled that an agreement made in 1992 by Peavy negated their current attempt at a termination notice. In the 1992 deal with Warner Bros., Peavy released DC and WB from any further requirements to use the "Superman" character and thus is disqualified from issuing a termination notice on the copyright license.

However that doesn't mean WB is free and clear forever... they still have to deal with the estate of the other "Superman" co-creator, Jerry Seigel, who in 2008 won a court case that retained their right to issue a termination notice.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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