Win A Liam Neeson Signed TAKEN 2 Poster!

By AMC October 2, 2012

Taken 2

Liam Neeson. Does a bigger bad ass exist in Hollywood today? Yeah, yeah...Chuck Norris' tears can cure cancer. But between Taken and the sequel, Taken 2, we're pretty sure that Liam Neeson doesn't know what cancer is...but he will find it...and he will kill it.

So yes, Taken 2 is in theatres October 5th and we were able to track down Neeson long enough to get him to sign a poster just so you could win it! We didn't even have to fight him for it. He just signed it. Check it out!

Taken 2 Poster B

How do you win this awesome prize? Just click this link to search for showtime for Taken 2 at an AMC near you. Then fill out the form below to enter!

Good luck!

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