AMC Movie Talk Ep 23 - STAR WARS EPISODE VII, Lucasfilm & Disney, X-MEN, MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 & More!

By AMC November 2, 2012

This is the AMC Movie Talk podcast, movie talk for movie fans. Every Thursday we talk about the biggest movie news of the week, with insight and opinions from some of the best film analysts on the web.

On this episode of AMC Movie Talk, host/AMC Movie News Managing Editor John Campea, Amirose Eisenbach of IGN, Roth Cornet of AMC Movie News and producer Dennis Tzeng  discuss:

1:48 - News Flash
8:50 - Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
9:45 - Disney buys Lucasfilm, plans "Star Wars Ep 7".
34:00 - Bryan Singer directing the next "X-Men" movie.
40:20 - "Mission Impossible 5"
46:20 - We talk with John C. Reilly about "Wreck-It-Ralph".
50:43 - "Star Wars" news: Great or horrible?
55:04 - Early Oscar favorites.
60:38 - Working for AMC.

Take a look below!

George Lucas video explaining the sale of LucasFilm:

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