Anne Hathaway to Star in Spielberg's ROBOPOCALYPSE

By AMC November 14, 2012

Anne Hathaway has done a solid job at distinguishing herself as an actress with range. From playing a woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease in "Love and Other Drugs", to feisty feline Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight Rises", to the upcoming classic musical, "Les Miserables", Anne has certainly flexed her acting chops.

Sci-Fi could be the next genre she will explore with legendary Director Steven Spielberg, in his upcoming film, "Robopocalypse". Hathaway told Empire Magazine, "If Robopocalypse happens I will be in it and I believe it’s quite real, though you never want to hang your hat on anything." While this movie has undoubtedly taken a long time to develop, recent confirmations of Chris Hemsworth and Ben Whisaw ("Skyfall") joining the cast, make the the likelihood of it actually happening seem much more realistic.


In the near future, an increasingly robot-reliant society faces extinction after a computer scientist accidentally unleashes a sentient artificial intelligence named Archos. After failed attempts at making a non-homocidal artificial intelligence, the safeguards in a computer science lab are compromised. Archos, a supremely intelligent AI, becomes self-aware and immediately starts planning the decimation of human civilization in an attempt to preserve Earth's biodiversity. After infecting all penetrable networked electronic devices (cars, airplanes, elevators, robots, etc.) with a "precursor virus", Archos begins planning a systematic attack on the human race.

If the film moves along as planned, it is set to open in AMC Theatres on April 25, 2014. Be sure to check back here for updates.

Source: JoBlo

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