VIDEO - TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN PART 2 Red Carpet Premiere and Cast Interviews

By AMC November 16, 2012

To many fans, today is almost like a holiday of sorts with the ending of a franchise that has become nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon known as the “The Twilight Saga”, adapted from Stephenie Meyer's books. Thousands of people are camping out and lining up hours ahead of time to see the final installment of director Bill Condon's “Breaking Dawn: Part 2”. The bragging rights of getting to see Bella, Edward, Jacob and all the other colorful characters in the film before anyone else, starting at the 10pm showings tonight at AMC Theatres, is well worth its weight in gold to some.

We at AMC Theatres were a part of the magic at the red carpet premiere of "Breaking Dawn: Part 2". Check out our coverage and interviews below:


 For our extended interviews of the cast, here are some more videos for your viewing pleasure:





"Breaking Dawn: Part 2" opens at AMC Theatres everywhere tonight at 10pm.

Get your tickets right now at your nearest AMC Theatres for the event of the year and the ending of a franchise!


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