Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Rep Says He Will Not Be Playing Batman

By AMC November 28, 2012

News exploded around the internet yesterday that Joseph Gordon-Levitt might play Batman in the upcoming Warner Bros. “Justice League”, and that we could possibly be seeing him play the caped crusader even earlier than that 2015 release date. After all, how does Batman exist without a Bruce Wayne introduction first? Today however, Gordon-Levitt’s rep “refuted the rumor entirely”, which may or may not mean he could still end up playing the role.

While Christopher Nolan wanted to let his “Batman Trilogy” standalone, Warner Bros. has had quite a love affair with the Batman character, as they have not gone four years without producing a new Batman film since 2005. From George Clooney, to Michael Keaton and the most recent, Christian Bale, we have seen many diverse actors with different vibes and physical demeanors take on the role. When news first hit of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Batman, reviews were mixed. The actor has a known and respected talent but many feel he is simply too small to play the role the way Batman is supposed to be represented.

Zack Snyder said just a few days ago that his upcoming “Man of Steel” would be “on course” for Justice League. While the Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumor is squashed for now, one might safely assume that news and more rumors around "Justice League" and the potential Warner Bros. roadmap for the DC Universe, will keep flooding in.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds.

Source: Collider

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