Silver Linings: Top 5 Bradley Cooper Performances

By AMC Theatres November 19, 2012

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I've been a big fan of Bradley Cooper since way back in 2001 when he co-starred in the hit TV show ALIAS with Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan (I always wanted Bradley's character Will to end up with Sydney instead of Vartan's character Michael ending up with her… but oh well).

So to help commemorate the the opening of SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK this week I thought we'd count down the top 5 Bradley Cooper performances. So hang tight, here we go:

#5 - THE A-TEAM (Playing Face)

While not everyone loved this movie (I enjoyed it) you've got to agree that Cooper's up-to-date rendition of Templeton "Face" Peck was outstanding. Obviously he brought a slightly harder edge to the character (since the movie as a whole had a slightly harder edge than the TV show did), but he absolutely maintained that slick/con-man/life-of-the-party feel that made the original character so memorable. He did Dirk Benedict proud!

#4 - WEDDING CRASHERS (Playing Sack Lodge)

Having been unfairly overlooked for his role in ALIAS (Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan were the main driving characters) it was his role as the villain in WEDDING CRASHERS that put Cooper on the radar for a lot of film fans. He was the ultimate douchebag and foil to Owen Wilson's and Rachel McAdams' love. He was one of the important reasons WEDDING crashers is in my Top 10 Comedies of the 2000-2010 movie era.

#3 - ALIAS (Playing Will Tippin)

Oh Will… the faithful guy friend who deep down loves the girl (Jennifer Garner) but never lets his feelings get the better of him or compromise his friendship with the girl. I loved it when (I think it was season 3) Will and Sydney finally hooked up… but it was very short lived (just 1 episode if I'm not mistaken). Cooper brought that important balance to the show… the character that seemed more anchored in the real world juxtaposed against the fantastical world the other (main) characters were adventuring in which gave the show and more textured feel to it.

#2 - LIMITLESS (Playing Eddie Morra)

To this day I maintain that LIMITLESS didn't get anywhere near the credit it deserved. The story was rich, the dilemmas faced by the protagonist felt relatable, the power felt intoxicating and the performances (especially Bradley Cooper's) were outstanding. I remember walking out of the world premiere of the film thinking "Oscar contender" (not Oscar winner, but certainly in the conversation) but the buzz for the film was inexplicably short lived. Cooper showed he has much more than just comedy in his acting arsenal with this one.

#1 - THE HANGOVER (Playing Phil)

While THE HANGOVER PART 2 was something of a disappointing mess, the only reason it felt so very disappointing is because the first HANGOVER film was such an unrelentingly hilarious and amazing comedy. While I have WEDDING CRASHERS in my Top 10 Comedies of the 2000-2010 movie era, THE HANGOVER very comfortably sits in the top 5 (perhaps even in the top 3). What looked like just another average R rated comedy surprised us all by instantly becoming an all time classic and Bradley Cooper was one of the major reasons why.

So there you have it, our Top 5 Bradley Cooper performances. Tell us what you think. Do you agree with the list? Is there another performance you'd put on there instead? Let us know in the comments area below.

And don't forget, you can get your tickets for SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK right now by clicking here!

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  • I just want to say that this was an amazingly awesome movie! I had a blast and I would of course love to win at least the soundtrack or the just the button. Honestly I enjoyed every little thing in this movie! I hope more find this movie as great as I have!

  • Now that was a fun way to spend a Friday night!!!

  • Just curious.....i was on the deadpool list already in 1984, and they finally nabbed me in 1991 (fortunately I was rescued at the last minute by Gurkhas, who did away with the bad guys). So now I am I on your deadpool list? Signed, Dr J And by the way, I just read a comment someone wrote about something I had written 2 years ago. Usually I don't go back and check on things that I write to see what others comment about what I may have written, but this program, this "Disquis" or whatever it is called, kind of just pulled it up and suddenly it was there. So I couldn't miss it. I always sign what I write with my real, actual honest-to-goodness name, not a fake moniker so that no one knows who it was who said this or that. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. That having been said, I think we could all lighten up a little bit, and recognize a joking manner, when it is in written form. It is not as easy to distinguish jocularity in writing style, much easier to misinterpret, so maybe I should just write up front (insert her, this is a joke, folks!) whenever i am doing it. But I did honestly think that when I made a statement about "cool police" coming to take away someone's "cool points" forever, that pretty much everyone could recognize that as a joke, after all, no "cool police" exist to my knowledge (and if I am wrong, someone please let me know so that I can get my coolness back together, it has gotten a little loose around the edges lately). But for that statement, it was written that I had made a "mediocre aggressive review". Now that in itself is funny. But there was nothing mediocre about challenging why a review of who the coolest people on earth are included not one single person of color. That was not a mediocre statement, that was truth. And if truth is seen as "mediocre" to some people, then there perhaps is the bottom line issue in America, that we as American people cannot distinguish fantasy from reality any longer. That the idiot box has now completely disrupted our ability to think and to analyze and to distinguish what is real, versus what is the garbage fed to us on a daily basis from our governments, and from the Hollywood Machine. Frank Zappa was right when he wrote (and sang, in his funky way) "I am the Slime from your Video". He also should have been featured in their Cool hall of Fame, but was obviously left out, because he criticized (and often) the kind of garbage that Hollywood puts out called "entertainment", even worse now that we have cable (in some ways that is a joke, and in some ways it isn't). If you have read this, I thank you for your attention. If you haven't, it's probably just as well. I really just wanted to clarify a few things, and now I think that I have. Thanks. Dr J