Alexander Skarsgard Top Pick to Play the King of the Apes in TARZAN

By AMC November 15, 2012

For years, we've heard about the "Tarzan" film that Warner Bros. has been trying to make. With recent news that David Yates has signed on to direct the big-screen adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel, the next question on everyone's mind is, who will play the king of the apes?

Alexander Skarsgard, most commonly known for portraying vampire Eric Northman on Showtime's "True Blood", is the current frontrunner to play John Clayton III (known as Tarzan). While Skarsgard's 6'4'' frame enables him to be a physically believable Tarzan, the list of other potential leading men boasted the likes of Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and Charlie Hunnam. 

Currently no offer is on the table for Skarsgard, but one might speculate that the success Yates helped Warner Bros. savor from directing the "Harry Potter" Frannchise, would afford him some power over the decision. 

Samuel L. Jackson is being looked at to play Williams, a Civil War veteran and sidekick of sorts that teams up with Tarzan. As ordered by Queen Victoria, Tarzan must investigate the current state of the Congo. With the help of Williams, they soon discover that a fierce warlord is controlling the massive diamond mine, and so the adventure begins.

Be sure to check back as more "Tarzan" updates are revealed.

Source: Variety

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