Michael Bay Says Leaked Synopsis and Villain for TRANSFORMERS 4 Are Rumors

By AMC December 17, 2012

Earlier today, a plot description and reveal stating that the new villain would be Unicron was released for "Transformers 4". This naturally caused the internet to flood with opinions and updates on this news before director Michael Bay put the rumor to rest.

Bay released the following statement on his website regarding the synopsis and villain reveal:

"Some Internet sites this morning reported that some document recovery guy has found a legitimate 120 page script of Transformers 4. I can absolutely 100 percent say this is completely false. The only two people in the world that have our unfinished script are [screenwriter Ehren Kruger] and myself. Also we are only up to page 70 in our T4 script. Maybe this guy has a cartoon or something else – but definitely not our movie!"

When Michael Bay denies something, we have definitely learned to take it with a grain of salt. This is the same man that said he would not be directing "Transformers 4" and that Mark Wahlberg was not going to star in it. We all know how that turned out.

According to Bay's previous confirmations, the only details we know for sure at this point are that Peter Cullen is back as Optimus Prime (yay!), Mark Wahlberg is starring along with co-stars Nicola Peltz and Brenton Thwaites and that the film will take place in China four years after the events of the "Dark of the Moon".

Check out our AMC Movie News video where we discuss this "Transformers 4" news:

"Transformers 4" hits AMC Theatres on June 27th 2014.

Source: Collider

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