SPIDER-MAN News: Dane Dehaan Is Your New Harry Osborn

By AMC December 3, 2012

There are 2 films that really jumped out and surprised me this past year with their quality. The first was the little "found footage" film CHRONICLE which was absolutely fantastic, and the second was the rebooted THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN directed by Marc Webb which in my opinion was better than the original Spider-Man movie.

Last week I posted a video (that you can see here) Saying I believe that CHRONICLE actor Dan Dehaan would be a perfect choice to be the new Harry Osborn (the role was played by James Franco in the previous Spider-Man films). Well, earlier today director Marc Webb took to his twitter channel and announced the following:

To me this is absolutely amazing news. Dane was brilliant in both CHRONICLE and LAWLESS this year and can easily portray creepy and sympathetic at the same time which will serve him well in this new SPIDER-MAN franchise!

Let us know what you think. Is Dane Dehaan the perfect choice for Harry Osborn or do you think another actor would have been better?

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