Daniel Craig Won't Be in GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Sequel?

By AMC February 5, 2013

We may not be seeing the mysterious rebel Lisbeth Salander, as soon as we may have hoped. David Fincher's stylistic "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" brought in $232 million worldwide for Sony, on a budget of $90 million. Sony is reportedly set on reducing costs for the production, which may include cutting Daniel Craig out of it completely.

Craig has asked for a higher paycheck for the sequel "The Girl Who Played with Fire", after the success of his latest Bond film "Skyfall". While his character in the film Mikael Blomkvist, undeniably does not have as large of a role as he did in the first, would cutting this character out fully be a mistake?

Sony has already shelled out a pretty penny for the script, penned by Steve Zaillian, which was said to be ready for production at the time. It sounds like it may need some re-writes after all, Zaillian.

At the moment, Fincher is also not attached to the film. He recently signed on to helm another book adaptation of the hit novel "Gone Girl". Would this film still be a success if it didn't have Craig and Fincher involved?

By the sound of it, there are still many ducks Sony has to line-up before this film can come to fruition.

As a big fan of the book series, I think removing the character of Mikael Blomkvist would be a mistake. But what do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! And check out our video on this news!

Source: Collider

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