BATMAN Reboot Not Until 2017?

By AMC February 5, 2013

Now that Christopher Nolan's "Batman" trilogy has concluded, eager fans want to know the fate of our beloved caped crusader. Rumors have been swirling around stating that Joseph Gordon-Levitt may become the successor of the cape, as eluded to in "The Dark Knight Rises", or that he could play Batman in the upcoming "Justice League".

Nothing is concrete as of now, but we may have a better idea as to the timeline. According to Batman-on-Film, which is a credible source for all things Batman, the first time we will be seeing the return of the character will be in "Justice League" sometime in 2015. When can we expect a stand-alone Batman reboot, you ask? The source says no earlier than 2017.

Will Gordon-Levitt first appear as Batman in "Justice League",  so Warner Bros. can feel out his popularity as the character? Or will he not be appearing as Batman at all, and his publicist denying the rumor was in fact truth?

Many questions are left to be answered but one thing does seem likely; we won't be seeing a standalone Batman film for many years, unless "Justice League" is postponed.

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Source: BatmanonFilm

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