Two New Images from IRON MAN 3

By AMC February 5, 2013

We have two new goodies for you, from Shane Black's highly anticipated "Iron Man 3". The first is a new poster, showing Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, on fire, falling in the sky. Check it out below:

The second is a picture of Rebecca Hall, who plays Maya Hansen in the film. Check out the detailed description of her character blow the picture. **WARNING: It may contain spoilers**

"Maya Hansen is one of the most respected and well known bio-technologists in her field. She developed her notoriety through her work at reprogramming the repair center at the center of the brain. It was during one of conferences that she first befriended a young Tony Stark.

As the years passed Maya's breakthrough research afforded her the ability to work on the development of the next Super-Soldier formula, which a generation ago had created Captain America. Her approach was to exploit the genetic potential of man through nano-tech and in this vain she eventually developed Extremis.

Extremis was meant to "hack" into the body's repair center and recode the human genes with a more advanced version, leaving the host with improved organs and super powers.

When she learned that she was going to lose funding, Maya came up with the idea that if she could get a test subject to fight and conquer Iron Man, she would be able to prove it's potential. It was with this logic that she stole Extremis and put it into the hands of terrorists, who quickly injected, Mallen one of their own. As the next step in her plan, she contacted Tony Stark feigning distress to ultimately maneuver him into a confrontation with the Extremis-enhanced terrorist."

Check out our video where we discuss this news!

"Iron Man 3" hits AMC Theatres on May 3rd 2013.

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Source: MovieWeb

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