David S. Goyer Discusses How MAN OF STEEL Came About

By AMC March 27, 2013

The film at the top of our list as Summer approaches is definitely Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel". Everything we've seen and heard about the Christopher Nolan-produced film, indicates that this is going to be the Superman story that we've always wanted.

Collider.com recently had the opportunity to chat with David S. Goyer, who wrote the screenplay for "Man of Steel". They discussed with Goyer how he got involved with the project and it's more interesting than we could have imagined. Apparently Nolan and Goyer were stuck on a section for "The Dark Knight Rises" and during a break, Goyer starting getting great ideas for a Superman movie and the rest is history.

Goyer discusses the evolution of the project:

"Chris (Nolan) and I were working on The Dark Knight Rises, working on the story; we were blocked. We agreed to part ways for a couple of weeks and just see if something had bubbled at the surface. So I went back to my home office. I was wasting time and procrastinating and took out an archive edition of some of the original Superman comic books, Action comic books and started rereading them because I couldn’t figure out this plot point on Dark Knight Rises, I just randomly sat down one afternoon and wrote up some ideas for Superman.

When I met with Chris Nolan again in another week or so he said, "Have you worked out the problem on the Dark Knight Rises?" I said, "No," he said, "What have you been doing?" and I said, "Well, I had this idea for Superman," and because Chris likes to procrastinate as well he said "let’s hear it," so I told him. And he literally called Jeff Robinov, who’s the head of Warner Bros, while I was sitting there and said, "Jeff, Dave just told me this take on Superman and you need to hear it, I’d like to produce it. Can we come in?" And we went in the next day. That’s how it happened. No, we weren’t trying to do it, it just happened."

While we haven't seen "Man of Steel" yet, the few people that have, have been blown away by it. Upon seeing the film, Goyer was asked if it was everything he hoped it would be. He responded with "Yes, Yes. I was very happy".

Most of the people who have been lucky enough to see the film have been Warner Bros employees, so we do have to take their raving reviews with a grain of salt. But our anticipation and excitement for this film are very much intact and June can't come soon enough.

"Man of Steel" hits AMC Theatres on June 14th.

Source: Collider

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