New HANGOVER PART III Poster and Trailer

By AMC March 7, 2013

Everyone's favorite wolfpack is back with "The Hangover Part III"! Hopefully the third and final installment of the franchise will get the bad taste of the lackluster 2nd film, out of our minds. A new poster has been released, which presents a direct and hilarious comparison to the final "Harry Potter" poster. For your viewing pleasure, you can check out the two side by side below. Well played, Warner Bros.

So what exactly went wrong with the 2nd film? The first film was such a hilarious and big success, and no question one of the best comedies of this generation. Naturally, director/producer/co-writer Todd Phillips, wanted to re-create that process. Too much in fact. The sequel almost followed the first scene-by-scene, but by slapping a new environment on it, they tried to frame it differently. Let's call a spade a spade people. Although the film still made a ton of money at the box office, the popularity and appeal definitely diminished.

By the looks of the poster and new trailer that just came out, the crew is trying a new approach and hopefully the amazing characters back together in Vegas, gives us the sequel we've always wanted. I for one am not giving up on the three best friends, that anyone could have.

You can check out the new trailer below!

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"The Hangover Part III" hits the road to AMC Theatres on May 24th.

Source: Warner Bros.

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