Alexander Skarsgard as New Frontrunner For THE CROW Remake?

By AMC May 1, 2013

There are always mixed emotions when word hits that a classic film is going to be remade. While some feel that a remake does not hurt an original, so why not embark on the adventure, others feel that the need for fresh ideas and new content, outweighs the potential benefits of a reboot.

Recent reports stated that Tom Hiddleston, best known as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was in talks to star in "The Crow" remake. It is now being reported that Hiddleston's involvement has been blown out of proportion, stemming from a "simple conversation". The current frontrunner however, is being reported as "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard.

While Hiddleston's proven darkness and grit in the role of Loki, seems like a natural fit for rocker Eric Draven, I can personally also see Skarsgard crushing the role. He has shown a large amount of depth in such films as "Disconnect" and has made thousands of fans fall in love with him from his gothic, seductive Eric Northman on "True Blood".

While Brandon Lee and "The Crow" were synonymous and many don't want to see it remade, it's going to happen whether you like it or not folks. Let's just sure hope we snag a quality actor for the role and I think Skarsgard or Hiddleston would definitely do us proud.

Do you like the idea of Skarsgard playing Eric Draven? If not, who do you think should play the role? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: CinemaBlend

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