De Niro and LaBeouf in Talks to Star in SPY'S KID

By AMC April 24, 2013

Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf may be teaming up for spy-like proportions. The project is aptly called "Spy's Kid", not to be confused with the kids title of a similar name. The film will follow a true story, where a father is arrested for spying against his own country and teaches his son, while behind bars, the art of espionage.

Director DJ Caruso, who previously worked with LaBeouf on "Eagle Eye" and "Distrurbia", is in talks to helm the film but nothing has been locked in yet.

There is currently no writer attached to pen the script as well, but the story is said to follow a series of articles written by Bryan Denson that were published in The Oregonian.

Tonally the project is being billed as similar to the Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks film "Catch Me If You Can". That film was clever and great, so our interest is definitely intact to see how this one unfolds. They of course, have a lot of pieces to line up first, however.

Jim Nicholson, the title character the film will center around, was a veteran CIA officer who was convicted of treason and sent to prison for 23 years. It's said that he was the highest-ranking officer ever to be convicted with such a sentence. His son Nathan, a failed Army dropout, began visiting his father in prison for advice on how to get his life back on track.

Nathan then got more than he bargained for as his pops taught him tradecraft and sent him around the world selling powerful secrets to the Russians. We can all speculate what eventually happens next, if this story caught the attention of the public.

Does the concept and players behind "Spy's Kid" interest you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Empire

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