EXPENDABLES 3 Locks Director

By AMC April 24, 2013

There has been some movement on the third installment of the reuniting of classic action stars in "Expendables 3". A director has been locked to helm the blockbuster, in the form of Patrick Hughes.

Stallone directed the first film, Simon West directed the second and Stallone was reportedly trying to get a high profile name to helm the third. Mel Gibson or John Woo were his initial picks to occupy that seat, but Woo is currently at work in China and Gibson declined the offer.

That brings us back to Mr. Hughes. A relatively unknown director, Hughes made a splash with his western thriller "Red Hill". Stallone turned to Twitter to pump up "Red Hill", while also making comparisons to his own experience with "Rocky", of course the role that immortalized him in our hearts forever.

"Rent RED HILL. Great Movie!! 500,000 budget 20 day shoot, Amazing – ROCKY was 850,000 and 25 days , Good OMEN!!!"

Well there you have it folks. Stallone and Hughes are the only confirmed names for "Expendables 3" at the moment, but I anticipate that to change very quickly, given the high-profile names that were included in the previous films.

Do you think Hughes is the right choice to helm "Expendables 3"? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ScreenCrave

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