Gus Van Sant Shoots 50 SHADES OF GREY Test Scene with Alex Pettyfer

By AMC April 24, 2013

While many don't feel that a "50 Shades of Grey" film should be happening (myself included), apparently director Gus Van Sant feels strongly that it should. Van Sant has reportedly filmed a steamy sex test scene to show what he could do with the project at the helm.

The test scene was shot with actor Alex Pettyer ("Magic Mike" and "I Am Number Four") as Christian Grey, and the hope of Van Sant is to impress Focus Features and Universal Pictures, that he wins the director's chair.

The scene is said to be when Anastasia Steel loses her virginity to Grey. It has not been reported yet what actress was in the scene with Pettyfer. Allegedly Pettyfer is not also trying to cast his own bid as the title character but was purely doing a favor for Van Sant.

A Universal spokesperson says the studio hasn't spoken to directors or actors yet and has not commissioned for a test reel, so Van Sant took the initiative all on his own. Great initiative indeed, Van Sant. While I read the books and definitely don't think they lend themselves to an interesting film, I am indeed curious to see this test reel that he feels so passionately about.

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Source: DarkHorizons

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