New WOLVERINE Photos From On Set

By AMC April 10, 2013

Director James Mangold has given us another look at "The Wolverine" as some new photos have been released from on set. While "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" was met with less than spectacular reviews, Mangold's rendition of one of our favorite X-Men characters, promises to be much darker and grittier.

The pictures give us a glimpse at Mariko Yashida (played by Tao Okamoto), who we know becomes Logan's love interest in the comics. We also keep getting glimpses of a funeral happening in the film, but we aren't sure who is in the casket just yet. Speculation leads many to believe that it could be the head of the Yashida clan.

We're still holding our breath for a good glimpse of the Silver Samurai but we'll take what we're given for now. Your move, Fox.

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"The Wolverine" claws its way to AMC Theatres on July 26th.

Source: ScreenCrave

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