Thomas Tull Talks WORLD OF WARCRAFT Movie

By AMC April 12, 2013

For those of you hoping for a "World of Warcraft" movie, it looks like it may actually come to fruition this time around. Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull, recently disused the development of the project and how much faith they have in its helmer, Duncan Jones:

"We’re huge believers in Duncan Jones, and I think what we’re going to bring to screen and to bear with Duncan, he is going to break that mold because it’s going to have the resources, the talent around it, and a Field General in Duncan Jones. It’s, again, the reason we took our time, made sure we had the right guy, the right person to make the movie, and then it will speak for itself when it comes out."

On the formula for how to create a successful videogame film, Tull says the trick is to just concentrate on the story and "to lose the fact that it's a video game movie". He added that we should have some solid updates regarding the script, production and release dates soon.

Jones seems like an inspired pick to helm this project. He's been making moves and captivating audiences in the sci-fi world with original films such as "Moon" starring Sam Rockwel,l and "Source Code" with Jake Gyllenhaal. "WoW" is a very complex and detailed game, a world that Jones should be able to bring to life in a colorful and deep fashion.

Are you excited for a "World of Warcraft" movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Collider

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