Drew Pearce to Pen MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5

By AMC May 15, 2013

Now that there is a new mission, that Tom Cruise has chosen to accept, it's been a announced that a screenwriter has been hired. Drew Pearce, co-writer with Shane Black on the very successful "Iron Man 3", is set to pen "Mission: Impossible 5".

This project is seemingly shaping up quickly and rather nicely. Cruise is set to produce as well as star in the picture. His "Jack Reacher" director, Christopher McQuarrie, is in talks to helm. They two worked well on that film together and it definitely makes sense to partner on this one, which shares a similar tone and title character.

We were not surprised that a 5th installment would be coming, since "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" grossed nearly $700 million worldwide. Respectable numbers indeed. I'm a big fan of spy-dramas and the franchise, and all the elements are forming a solid whole thus far.

Are you looking forward to "Mission: Impossible 5"? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ComingSoon

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