By AMC May 15, 2013

Just when we thought a reboot of the popular game-turned-movie, "Dungeons and Dragons", was finally going to get off the ground, a big wrench has been thrown in the project. Toy company Hasbro Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Sweetpea Entertainment, claiming that they do not own the rights to make a new film based on the popular brand.

The lawsuit aims to stop the production from moving forward completely. Perhaps because Hasbro just wants a piece of the action? While the project was going to be released under the Warner Bros. brand, WB is not currently listed as the defendant. The grounds in which Hasbro is fighting on state that the rights have reverted back to the toy company since Sweetpea acquired them in 1994, in order to make the 2000 live-action feature.

The script for the reboot was based off the original David Johnson ("Wrath of the Titans") script that they were re-working. That script was centered around another game created by Gygax called "Chainmail".

We'll keep you posted as new details become available on this story.

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Source: DarkHorizons

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