Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan Confirmed for EXPENDABLES 3?

By AMC May 18, 2013

Sylvester Stallone, or Sly as warmly known to his fans, appears to be full speed ahead on his upcoming "Expendables 3". The movies reunites classic, amazing action stars and make lots of money, why wouldn't he be eager?

Stallone has been steadily revealing updates to the cast via Twitter. Mickey Rourke is coming back for the third installment as Sly confirmed with, "Mighty Mickey is back…". We heard news of Jackie Chan's return several months back, and now it appears to be confirmed, as Sly has tweeted, "What's the plan? Ask Jackie Chan…".

We wondered who else would hop on the hot bandwagon and now it appears that Wesley Snipes could be a new addition. Now that Snipes is out of prison, an "Expendables" film seems like a solid way to get him back into the biz. Sly tweeted, "Talked to Wesley today….He can not WAIT to fight to the top again !!!!!! Over….".

Casting updates were not the only thing he revealed via the social media tool. He also discussed his plan to beat other respected action movies that have recently released, specially "The Raid". Sly tweeted, "Thinking about Raiding, THE RAID….think about it…", and then followed that tweet by adding, "We believe we can do better than the RAID, which was an excellent film… Raising the bar…".

Interesting updates all around. We'll continue to keep you posted as the story develops.

Would you like to see Wesley Snipes return to acting in "Expendables 3"? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: Collider

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