New Trailer and Poster for Luc Besson's THE FAMILY

By AMC June 5, 2013

A new trailer and poster have been released for the domesticated gangster drama-comedy "The Family". The film stars an amazing cast including Robert De Niro, returning to the genre he does best, as well as Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones and Dianna Agron.

Directed by Luc Besson, who is no stranger to high-octane thrillers having directed such films as "The Fifth Element" and "Leon: The Professional", is at the helm. He co-wrote the script with Michael Caleo, who served as a writer and story editor on the similar-themed "The Sopranos".

Based on Tonino Benacquista’s novel "Badfellas", the story follows as ex-mafia boss named Giovanni Manzoni (De Niro) and his family, including his wife (Pfeiffer), daughter (Agron) and son (John D'Leo). The family is trying to live a normal life until they undoubtedly get pulled back into the world of organized crime and get to reveal the true colors that they have had difficulty hiding.

There was definitely a series of bad films that De Niro was in for a while, and that appears to have ended with "Silver Linings Playbook". It's nice to see him return to a genre he helped make so popular, and with the amazing collaborator that helped define his career, Martin Scorsese, acting as executive producer.

I do love me a good gangster flick and adding the family aspect is always a fun time. Aided by a great cast and a solid director, I sure hope the film is good.

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"The Family" hits AMC Theatres on September 20th.

Source: ScreenRant

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