JURASSIC PARK IV Confirmed for 2015 Release

By AMC June 20, 2013

It's been a bit of a rocky road for our beloved prehistoric dinosaurs to grace us again with their presence, for a fourth installment of "Jurassic Park". The film was full-speed ahead with director Colin Trevorrow locked. Then the picture was put on hold, with only a glimmer of hope in sight.

Now, a Summer 2015 release date has been locked, once again giving the project life. The originally slated Summer 2014 release did seem a bit overly ambitious. I'm all about them taking their time to get it right and the fact that it wasn't an eternity before they got their ducks in a row, makes it feel like this film is indeed a priority that will happen.

Steven Spielberg, the man responsible for bringing the original to fruition, is still on as executive producer. It's been reported that Spielberg, Trevorrow and the other producers on the film, are finalizing the script together. If he won't be directing, the more Spielberg has a say over the script and material, the more confident I feel in the film's success.

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"Jurassic Park IV" will hit AMC Theatres in Summer 2015.

Source: DarkHorizons

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