MAN OF STEEL Sequel Already in the Works

By AMC June 11, 2013

Finally the wait is over and the highly anticipated "Man of Steel" will hit AMC Theatres everything this Friday! Warner Bros. is apparently so confident in the success of the film, that the sequel is already in the works.

The dream team of director Zack Snyder, screenwriter David Goyer, and producer Christopher Nolan, are all said to be returning for "Man of Steel 2". Although the word on the street, is that Nolan will have a much less active role in the sequel. He already set the groundwork for the first one, so despite my biased opinion in wanting Nolan involved in everything, this may not necessarily be a bad thing, since he already helped carve the tone and feel.

The fact that a sequel to our favorite last son of Krypton is already in motion, this makes the likelihood of a "Justice League" movie seem even further down the priorities list. Will we ever actually see a "JL" movie? Only time will tell, but another DC character portrayed correctly for once, just like Nolan did with his "Dark Knight Trilogy", hardly seems like a problem.

What do you think of this "Man of Steel 2" news? Let us know in the comments section below!

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