First Photo of Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar in PARADISE LOST

By AMC July 3, 2013

We get our first glimpse of the always incredible Benicio Del Toro portraying famous drug lord Pablo Escobar. The film is called "Paradise Lost", which is not a biopic of Escobar's life, but rather has him as a dominant character in a fictional story.

In his directorial debut, Andrea di Stefano is working from a script that he wrote. Di Stefano is known for his acting credits in such films as "Eat Pray Love" and Ang Lee's "Life of Pi". The film stars Josh Hutcherson ("The Hunger Games") as an American surfer who falls in love with a beautiful girl in Colombia, who unfortunately happens to be the niece of the terrifying drug kingpin.

Del Toro is certainly a chameleon and has proven he can do real characters justice, as he portrayed Che Guevara hauntingly well in the 2008 two-part film. More recently, he was great as the creepy kidnapper Lado in "Savages" and has already dabbled with a similar subject matter in "Traffic". I have no doubt that he will do a fantastic job as Escobar. I just hope the story focuses more on his brilliance and the intrigue of the notorious bad guy, opposed to the love story.

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"Paradise Lost" hits AMC Theatres in 2014.

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