Jon M. Chu Chats MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Development

By AMC July 30, 2013

Director Jon M. Chu gave us a fun popcorn flick earlier this year with "G.I. Joe: Retaliation", which remains the third biggest box office opening for Universal this year. It came as no surprise that the studio is moving full-speed ahead for the third installment in the franchise, with Chu still attached to helm. But what about Chu's other project? It's been rather quiet on the "Masters of the Universe" front, but now the director has given us a glimpse into the development.

Chu promises to create a fully developed fantasy world for "Masters of the Universe", closer to the original comics. "We’ve been designing a ton of stuff for Masters of the Universe as a really beautiful, grounded, honest world – that’s the best way I can describe it," said Chu. "It’s everything you want Masters of the Universe to be in terms of the fantasy but not in a way theatrical crazy way. It is actually a gorgeous world that we’re doing in the initial visual concepts that we’ve been making."

While we still don't have a clear timeline, Chu's confidence in the source material should at least make the fanboys happy. He stated, "The script for ‘Masters of the Universe’ is what really hooked me…I love Masters of the Universe, but I didn’t know necessarily how to make it into a movie until I read the script and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I totally see it. I get how this is going to shake it up, I get how this is different from any other thing,’ and it got me really really excited."

The real question is whether scheduling for "G.I. Joe 3" and "Masters of the Universe" will conflict, forcing Chu to back out of "Masters of the Universe" since he's already in contract for the third Joe film. As Chu stated, "I don’t know if Masters of the Universe will wait for me," so perhaps it's best to not get too excited about his plan of attack just yet.

Do you think they should find a new "Masters of the Universe" director or wait for Chu's schedule to open up? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ScreenRant

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