Russell Crowe Chats MAN OF STEEL Prequel

By AMC July 9, 2013

Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" was a big success, racking up over $580 million worldwide to date. We've been hearing about a "Man of Steel 2" already receiving the green light, but could we also see a prequel focusing on Krypton in the near future?

Apparently Superman's father in the film Jor-El, played by Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, has been asked this question quite a bit. "A lot of you are asking about a KRYPTON prequel, if that's something you feel strongly about let @Legendary pictures know your thoughts," said Crowe.

I personally loved the Krypton that Snyder and Nolan brought to life in "Man of Steel". It was beautiful, rich and the way I've always wanted to see it on the big-screen. But would the backstory before Superman was even a concept, lend itself well enough to a full-length film?

Regardless of this fact, Crowe loved playing the character, and would definitely like to give it another shot if given the opportunity. In response to a fan, Crowe said, "Just getting sick of reading the same question mate, however, if it came up, i'd give the tights another go."

Would you like to see a Krypton film? Let us know in the comments section below!

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