Want a DREDD 2? Sign the Official Petition

By AMC July 26, 2013

I am the law. The words made famous by Karl Urban in "Dredd", the critically acclaimed picture that fell short at the box office. Word of mouth certainly helped give the film some love, as the blu-ray has now become one of the highest-selling titles of the year.

Many people, including Urban, would love a sequel. The film was very stylistic and gritty and helped immortalize Urban as a badass, who is now on many people's list of potential Christian Bale Batman replacements. He is so passionate about the prospect of returning to the character, that he has urged fans to be vocal about their desire to see another installment.

Urban is not the only one being vocal about it, however. The comics publishers 2000AD have now created an official petition with the hopes of sending to Lionsgate in order to get a sequel made. As of this morning, 10,000 fans had already signed it. An official Facebook page has also been created, and has over 37,000 likes.

Will their ploy be too powerful to ignore, and will we see our favorite badass judge on the big-screen again? Only time will tell but I definitely admire their perseverance and passionate attempt to activate their fans.

Are you going to sign the petition? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: DarkHorizons

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