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Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor and Mark Strong Returning as Sinestro?

August 27, 2013
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Now that The Dark Knight rumors are finally put to rest since Ben Affleck has been locked in as the caped crusader, the conversation has moved back to other D.C. characters in the Universe. Namely, the role of Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, has been the hot topic of conversation.

The two main names that have been tossed in the mix for the part have been Mark Strong and Bryan Cranston. Strong is fantastic and is unquestionably being typecast as everyone's favorite bad guy, as seen in "Sherlock Holmes", "RocknRolla", "John Carter" and countless other films. He has also already played a villain in the D.C. Universe as Sinestro in "The Green Lantern", opposite Ryan Reynolds.

Cranston has been absolutely brilliant on his cult-classic hit TV show "Breaking Bad". The inevitable conclusion of the beloved show is just a few episodes away, and he has grown an incredibly loyal fan base from his incredible work as Walter White. Surely he has shown the arch and depth necessary to be a worthy Lex Luthor.

The latest rumor swirling around is that Cranston is locked in as Luthor for a six-picture deal, and that this announcement will be verified as soon as "Breaking Bad" comes to an end this Fall. The speculation continues that Strong will reprise his role as Sinestro, which could be a good lead-in to the "Justice League" film we've all been waiting for.

According to the same unconfirmed report, Affleck's best bud Matt Damon, is being considered to play either Aquaman or Martian manhunter. It was also stated that Affleck would appear as The Batman is an astounding 13 films, which if proven true, could just be cameos here and there, helping to further tie the Universe together.

Surely this is a lot to take in, but now that Affleck is locked and Warner Bros. apparently has a real plan to expand this universe, I imagine we'll hear some real confirmations soon.

Do you think Cranston would make a good Luthor? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Source: MovieWeb

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