CHRONICLE 2 Still in Motion Without Dane DeHaan and Writer Max Landis

By AMC August 6, 2013

Director Josh Trank emerged on the scene in a big way last year with his superhero found-footage film "Chronicle", which was critically acclaimed and praised. The film also made a star out of Dane DeHaan, who has wasted no time in captivating audiences through his incredible work, as seen in such films as "The Place Beyond the Pines" and "Lawless". Not to mention, the film also gave screenwriter Max Landis a platform to shine.

Trank is busy with his reboot of Fox's "Fantastic Four" but we were all pleased to hear that a sequel to "Chronicle" is also on the pipeline. The sequel appears to be moving forward however, without two of its key forces behind the original; DeHaan and Landis.

On Landis' departure, DeHaan stated, "Well, it was really Josh Trank who was really the impetus. The movie was really his idea. I mean, Max certainly put it down on paper and he did a great job doing that, but it's a story that lived within the mind of Josh certainly and I certainly give him credit for that."

Busy shooting Marc Webb's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", in which he will portray Harry Osborn, DeHaan apparently has no knowledge of a next installment. "I have no idea what's going on with the sequel. I haven't gotten a single phone call regarding it," said DeHaan. "I am completely in the dark about what's happening and I hope that if it is made that it honors the first one in terms of the passion that went into the first one and the passion that comes across on the screen. I think we really made something special and I think it was something special because there were a lot of really cool people involved that had a lot of passion that battled every day to make that movie work. I just hope that whatever they do with the second one—if there is a second one—honors the first one in that way."

I loved the first "Chronicle" and I'm with the incredibly talented DeHaan on this one. I certainly hope they keep the magic and intrigue intact for the sequel, especially considering pivotal parts of the first film will not being present.  At this time, Trank is also not locked for the sequel. But my hope is that "Fanastic Four" will be moving ahead with confidence that he will still helm this project.

What do you make of this "Chronicle 2" news? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: ComingSoon

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