New Stills for PARKLAND Reveal the Events Surrounding JFK's Assassination

By AMC August 14, 2013

There are certain moments in history where everyone who was alive during the event, remembers exactly where they were when it happened. Such is the case for JFK's assassination. A tragic turn of events for the beloved President and our Nation. But how many people know what happened in the days after the shooting?

The upcoming film "Parkland" promises to tell the story of "the JFK assassination as you've never seen it before". The film is based on the book "Four Days in November" by Vincent Bugliosi. It will explore the events at the Dallas Parkland Hospital, where Kennedy was taken after being shot. The film will follow all the people involved with the events, from Kennedy's killer to the Doctor that tried to help him.

An incredible cast will bring these events alive on the big-screen, including Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder, the cameraman who captured the only known footage of the assassination. Jeremy Strong plays Lee Harvey Oswald, Kennedy’s killer. Marcia Gay Harden portrays Nurse Doris Nelson. Billy Bob Thornton is a secret service agent who rushed to Kennedy’s side after the shooting and Zac Efron plays Dr. James Carrico, who tended to Kennedy upon his arrival at the hospital.

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"Parkland" will hit AMC Theatres on September 20th.

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