STAR WARS Origin Spin-Off Films in the Works?

By AMC September 13, 2013

We knew that Disney was slowly but surely taking over the world, as soon as they acquired the "Star Wars" franchise last year. Their plan for world domination appears to be very much intact, as we now learn a bit more about their game plan for the years ahead.

The new installment "Star Wars: Episode VII" is being directed by fanboy favorite J.J. Abrams, and we were already aware that there would be some spin-off films, written by Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg. Now it appears that at least one of said spin-off films could actually be an origin story of one of our favorite characters within the universe.

While this hasn't been officially confirmed or elaborated on, Disney Chief Financial officer Jay Rasulo did specifically say that Kinberg and Kasdan were working on an "origin story" at a Disney conference recently. One would think that a man at his level would't toss those words around without meaning and it would seem to make sense to tell more of the origin story of one of the characters that made this world so loved.

According to Bleeding Cool, there's a strong possibility the first origin story could focus on Han Solo. This brings up the interesting question of who would play the young Harrison Ford? We've also heard murmurs of a Boba Fett and Yoga origin story, which has also not been elaborated on or denied at this point. With a new "Star Wars" film releasing every year from 2015 on, I would imagine there's enough room for as many origin or spin-off stories as their hearts desire.

Do you think this is the right direction for the franchise? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Star Wars: Episode VII" will hit AMC Theatres in 2015.

Source: CinemaBlend

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