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Authenticity and Danger: Scott Waugh's NEED FOR SPEED Starring Aaron Paul

November 19, 2013
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Have you ever driven in a car going over 200 miles per hour? And no, we're not talking about just in video games here. In Scott Waugh's upcoming "Need For Speed", the audience is given a chance to feel the exhilaration of driving at such dangerous speeds because it was all filmed live. No green screens, no sounds stages. Just real, authentic and terrifying stunts in all their HD beauty.

Waugh, known for his raw depiction of Navy Seals in "Act of Valor", has taken a practical and genuine approach with this film. His experience as a stuntman no doubt gives him the knowledge and confidence to explore some bold decisions behind the helm.

When asked how this film differs from other car-racing movies like "Fast and the Furious", Waugh stated, "Because it’s all real. We haven’t done that. I can say that because I was a stuntman on all those movies. We used to do everything practically, and we’ve gone on to green screen now."

Waugh continued, "So, 99% of the time nowadays, if an actor is in a car, he’s on a stage and there’s green screen there and he’s doing dialogue and I was like, "We’re not doing that anymore. We’re going back to on the road, going the speed, and hanging on the outside of the car and filming ‘em." And I just feel like, me personally, I just think subconsciously the audiences know the difference. I think you’ll see this movie and realize all the other stuff you’ve been watching is fake, because inherently you’ll say, this is real."

Actor Aaron Paul became a household name with his haunting and incredible depiction of Jesse Pinkman on the cult-favorite TV series "Breaking Bad". Fans were so curious to know where he would land next as an actor of his caliber is certainly in high demand after the show's epic conclusion. Paul plays Tobey Marshall, the lead in "Need for Speed", and the realistic approach Waugh was aiming for helped build on his excitement to join the picture.

Paul stated, "What's so great about this film is that Scott made it very evident before I attached myself to this that he wanted me to be driving. He wanted all the action sequences to be practical. He didn't want all of this to be done behind a computer after we shot it all.  He said, "You're going to have to be behind the wheel and doing all these crazy races." I was like, "That's fantastic. Let me do that." So yeah, it helped me. It helped the character. It was a blast. Now I just drift around corners and it's awesome."

While many know the "Need for Speed" video game franchise, the exciting part for the production team and writers was that the narrative was nearly a blank canvas. Besides the fact that it deals with beautiful and expensive cars racing around the country, they could practically build an entire universe, characters and motives from the ground up.

Writers and producers Mark Sourian and John Gatins discussed their experience with the production and how the tone and approach of the film would have been different if Waugh wasn't in the driver's seat.

When discussing some of the crazy stunts present in the film, Sourian said, "I think if we'd have gotten another director I don't think we would have done those stunts. I think another director would have been 'Eh, let's do this CGI' because there's a lot of real skill set and a vast amount of experience you need as a filmmaker to be able to do that with confidence and do it the right way and feel like you've actually covered the scene."

Gatins continued, "The only audience who's seen it so far the kids freaked out about it being real, they commented about it like "Oh my gosh. We've seen other movies and yeah they're cool but this is so different, I could tell those were real cars, I'm right, right?"

Waugh, Paul, Sourian and Gatins exuded such enthusiasm and passion when talking about the production and with the new trailer that was released today, you can get a real feel for the authentic and bold nature it was created in. You can check out the exciting trailer below and feel the action for yourself when the film hits AMC Theatres on March 14, 2014!

Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Need for Speed" will hit AMC Theatres on March 14, 2014

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