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AMC Movie Talk- Would Karl Urban Be A Good WOLVERINE? GOLDEN GLOBE Nominations

December 13, 2013
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On this episode of AMC Movie Talk (December 12, 2013) we discuss:

1) The 2014 Golden Globe nominations

2) The Mailbag questions we discuss include:

Carlton Fist writes: Greeting and Salutations guys, big fan of you show and i watched it everyday. My question is about both the upcoming Amazing Spider-man 2 movie and the upcoming Godzilla movie. As we all know both movies are coming out on the same month (2 weeks apart, to be precised), in your guy's opinion who do you think will reign supreme and make the most money? Thank you guys and keep it real!

Marcos Lopez writes: Hey Amc! Greetings & Salutations from Puerto Rico. I've been checking around my movie collection & I saw Starship Trooper, it's a good scy-fi & I think this movie would benefit on todays special effects. Is there any talk about a reboot/remake of this movie? Thanks

Bradley Descartes writes: Hey AMC Movie Talk, greetings from the Caribbean. I watch your show every day. Now, before seeing Catching Fire, I saw this  movie called the Starvng Games, made by the same 'comedic geniuses' who brought  us such gems like Epic Movie and Disaster Movie. I tried to give it a chance, but by the time I saw the Expendables, the Na'vi from Avatar, and the Avengers making pointless cameos, I gave up watching. My question is, are parody movies dead? Are reference  filled, comedy devoid schlock like the Starving Games the norm or will we ever see a return to timeless classics like Airplane and Hot Shots? I'd love to know what you guys think about it.

Fernando Mark writes: greetings and salutations! AMC movie talkers, your biggest fan here. My question today is since hollywood is so keen in making prequals and origin storys, how would you feel if Disney was to make an origin story/prequal to our beloved Lion king character 'Mufasa'. on top of his wisdom and life lessons, it would be great to see how mufasa become one of the most iconic and loverble characters in Disney. What are your thoughts?

Anne Curtis writes: Hey guys. So as we know the other day you guys said that Hugh Jackman wouldn't wanna play Wolverine again, if the movie ended up bad. If Hugh Jackman doesn't return as Wolverine for Wolverine 2 or X-Men Apocalypse, who do you think should replace him? Honestly like everyone I don't want Hugh Jackman to be replaced but we all know that he'll retire as the character eventually so I think Karl Urban would be a fine choice to replace him! What do you guys think?

Michael Gallant writes: One of the first things that crossed my mind when the news hit that Disney bought Lucasfilm was about the Fox Fanfare music. Do you think we'll still get to hear the famous Fox music and do you think Fox will still get distribution rights?? I think I would be ok, if we don't get to hear the Fox music, but, I'll miss it at first, of course. I've been hearing that as the intro since summer of '77 and just associate one with the other (plus, the fact that they're both in the same key certainly helps).

Kyle Cox writes: Hows it going sons and daughter of amc. I know some people on this show aren't the biggest fans of zombies movie, but Dead Island movie! Anyone who saw the fantastic first trailer for the first game thought it had a great movie fell, and it was so good many people felt they HAD to buy the game. Your thoughts on a Dead Island movie? Thank bring on the filthy and keep up the good work, and someone buy Jon Schnepp a laptop!

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