AMC Movie News: Winner of the Best News Series IAWTV Award!

By Amirose Eisenbach January 10, 2014

This past weekend, AMC Movie News won the IAWTV award for the Best News Series. To receive this kind of recognition after the hard work that John Campea and our team has put in, is such a wonderful honor. But how did we get here in the first place?

When I started in July '12, we were boasting a small but mighty 6,000 subscriber count on YouTube, which was built from the ground up by Campea and my predecessors. Producing just two AMC Movie Talk shows a week, we shot out of our humble office attached to the AMC Burbank 16.

We then took it up a significant notch and turned AMC Movie Talk into a daily show. No longer shooting out of a converted office space, TheStream Studio in Hollywood became our new home, in all its HD glory.

As we continued to build momentum, we were able to get actress Jaimie Alexander to come host our panel at Stan Lee's Komikaze Expo in November. A packed and engaged audience attentively listened to our presentation and asked us questions.

On January 2nd, we helped raise over $25,000 during our 24-Hour AMC Movie Marathon to help aid in the Philippines Typhoon disaster relief effort. The AMC Movie News crew and some wonderful guests, donated their hours and their voices, to be united for a worthy a cause.


Today, we are holding strong at over 128,000 subscribers on YouTube and counting. We produce an informative blog, keeping our fans and AMC Theatres moviegoers apprised of the latest and greatest in Movie News around the country. We continue pushing ourselves to produce the best content, with the love and dedication of true film aficionados.

This journey all culminated last weekend, when Campea accepted the award on behalf of the entire AMC Movie News crew. An incredible testament to the hard work that him and his team of passionate professionals have put in over the years.

I would like to express our gratitude to AMC Theatres, especially Justin Gardner and Jason Norris, who have helped champion our goals thus far. And of course, I would like to thank our wonderful fans. We would literally not be here without you and we are committed to continuing to bring you an exciting show and some of the best content on the web. To another 128,000 subscribers and beyond!

AMC Movie Talk is comprised of John Campea (Editor-in-Chief), Amirose Eisenbach (Editor), Dennis Tzeng (Producer), Krisily Kennedy (Lead Host), Jon Schnepp (Director/Contributor), Erin Darling (Correspondent) and Ashley Mova (Host).

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