Bruce Willis and M. Night Shyamalan Reunite For LABOR OF LOVE

By Amirose Eisenbach January 30, 2014

Director M. Night Shyamalan emerged on the Hollywood scene in a big way, captivating audiences with his drama "The Sixth Sense". He had a couple other solid films, including "Signs" and "Unbreakable". But then came a series of duds, over the span of several years. His "Lady in the Water", "The Happening" and "The Last Airbender" were all nominated for Razzie awards, which celebrates the worst movies of the year. His last film "After Earth", missed both critically and by monetary standards, and was also nominated for a Razzie award in several categories.

The director no doubt has talent but he seemed to stray away from cohesive stories, embracing bad dialogue and plot holes. Two of his most successful films starred Bruce Willis, so new reports of their potential reuniting seems like a good thing for Shyamalan. Perhaps Willis as his muse was the missing piece of the equation.

The project is titled "Labor of Love" and it is based on one of the very first scripts Shyamalan sold early on in his career. If locked, Willis will play a Philadelphia book store owner who loses the love of his life in an accident. He becomes fixated over the fact that he never properly told his wife how much he loved her. In a romantic effort to show how much he did, he decides to walk across the country in her honor, a task she once asked him to do. That long walk starts from Philadelphia to Pacifica, CA, which was her favorite place.

This certainly feels like a departure from most everything we've seen him do thus far, but perhaps that's a good thing? Willis is a solid actor and the premise at least seems like it's packed with a lot of heart.

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Source: Deadline

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