New MALEFICENT Trailer Starring Angelina Jolie

By Amirose Eisenbach January 21, 2014

A new trailer has been released for Disney's new take on one of the most famous fairytale villains, "Maleficent". The film stars the lovely and talented Angelina Jolie as the evil title character as well as Elle Fanning as Sleeping Beauty.

A few images from the original animated film are woven into the trailer, just to remind us where the original story came from. This new trailer also shows us more clips from the upcoming film and helps continue to paint the dark tone we have come to expect for these new adapted spin-offs of classic fairytales. I like to call it the "Wicked" effect, telling the untold story for the evil person's perspective, that may just turn out to be less evil than we originally thought.

What do you make of the new trailer? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Maleficent" will hit AMC Theatres on December 18, 2015

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