Fox Locks Cast For Josh Trank's FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

By Amirose Eisenbach February 21, 2014

After weeks of deliberating the new direction of Josh Trank's "Fantastic Four" reboot, the new cast appears to be nearly a lock. It's being reported that Michael B. Jordan is set to play Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch), Kate Mara will play Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman), and Miles Teller will play Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic). It is also being reported that Jamie Bell is close to locking a deal to play The Thing.

The noticeably big difference between this cast and the cast of the original Fantastic Four films, are the ages. This cast is more than a decade younger than the first film and many fanboys and film fans don't seem to be too happy about it. Fox is obviously trying to reach a younger demographic and every character has to have an origin, right?

Another big difference is that Michael B. Jordan is playing a character that has always been Caucasian in the comics and on the big-screen, while his sister in the film is still being played by a Caucasian actress. Will adoption or interracial parents be the explanation for this? I certainly think it's high time we mix up races in film but I do understand some people wanting consistency with the siblings.

The presumed villain in the film is Dr. Doom and there have been no reports on who is in talks to play the character yet. One would expect they are looking at a relatively younger actor as well, to keep in line with the new direction. 

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"Fantastic Four" will hit AMC Theatres on June 19th, 2015

Source: IGN

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