By Amirose Eisenbach March 22, 2014

We learned last week that "Superman Vs. Batman" would be opening up against "Captain America 3". In this crazy game of comic-book chicken, fanboys and critics around the globe have been wondering if either studio will move off the date.

Marvel President Kevin Feige stated that they have no intention on vacating the date. Given the successful track record of Marvel up to this point, I don't blame him. After all, they did announce the date for an untitled Marvel film back around San Diego Comic Con last year.

The "Man of Steel" sequel was supposed to open up in July of next year, but was delayed until the May date. And just last week, Marvel revealed what title would occupy the previously announced release.

The buzz around "The Winter Soldier" has been fantastic. I have personally seen it and it's one of the best, if not the best, Marvel film to date. It has everything you want it to and more and the Russo Bros. did a fantastic job directing it.

Apparently the entire cast and crew knows they have a hot property on their hands, as given their cocky attitudes at a panel promoting the film. When a reporter brought up the conflicting release dates, Anthony Mackie said, "This is where punks step up to get beat down." Not one to usally remain quiet, Samuel L. Jackson also responded with, "There’s Marvel where you have heroes, and there’s DC where you have some interesting bad guys." Being a bit more diplomatic. co-director Joe Russo confirmed that they have no plans to move.

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