Four Actors Being Considered for Doctor Doom in FANTASTIC FOUR Reboot

By Amirose Eisenbach March 12, 2014

Now that the cast is locked for the "Fantastic Four" reboot, with Kate Mara, Miles Teller, Michal B. Jordan and Jamie Bell leading the charge, the attention has now been shifted back to who will play the villain. The arch-nemesis of the superhero troupe Doctor Doom, was said to be the main villain of the upcoming film. The rumor mill stated that the studio was considering changing the good Doctor to a female one. But now reports have emerged that the list of actors being considered for the role currently are all male.

The short list includes Eddie Redmayne ("Les Miserables"), Toby Kebbell ("Wrath of the Titans"), Domnhall Gleeson ("About Time") and Sam Riley ("Control Room").

There is certainly consistency amongst this list, as all the actors are in their early 30's and all have accents. They all kind of slightly resemble each other in the looks department as well, so Josh Trank and team seem to have a clear direction of what they're looking for at least.

Out of the above list, who would you like to see play Doctor Doom? Let us know in the comments section below!

"Fantastic Four" will hit AMC Theatres on June 15th, 2015

Source: IGN

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