GREEN LANTERN Scribe Michael Green Hired to Rewrite PROMETHEUS 2

By Amirose Eisenbach March 26, 2014

"Green Lantern" scribe Michael Green, has been hired to rewrite Ridley Scott's "Prometheus 2" script. Few details have emerged on the film but it is said to have a "more terrifying tone", will feature multiple versions of the android David, played by Michael Fassbender, and will be more akin to "Alien" than the first "Prometheus".

While there were several writers who penned the "Green Lantern" script, the film was overall received with pretty poor results, so that doesn't necessary instill much confidence. Green has done a lot of other solid work however and he is working on "Blade Runner 2" with Ridley, so the additional partnership is certainly not a far-fetched one.

Reviews were also pretty mixed on "Prometheus". The visuals were unquestionably gorgeous and the direction was interesting, but my biggest issues were with the script. There were a lot of questions yet to be answered and some plot holes and it didn't fully deliver.

Hearing that it will be much more similar to "Alien" and having multiple Michael Fassbender's in the mix, are certainly good steps to ensure more interest. This world does have a lot left to explore and hopefully Green, Ridley and their team do the sequel justice, and will potentially make it better than the original.

A release date of March 4th, 2016 has been set for a "mystery Ridley Scott project", which is believed to be the sequel. This hasn't been officially confirmed yet but we'll keep you posted as the story continues.

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