Luke Moran Chats BOYS OF ABU GHRAIB with AMC

By Amirose Eisenbach March 28, 2014

War films can help define a generation and offer important glimpses into our history. Providing a real and raw depiction of the struggles and tribulations our country has faced, sometimes the truth is often brutal and heartbreaking. But awareness as illuminated by film, can be a very powerful method of spreading knowledge and pride.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Luke Moran, the director, writer and star of "Boys of Abu Ghraib". The film marks his directorial debut and undertaking a project on this scale, is very amibitious for a first entry.

Serving as a microscope into the true 2004 events, the film explores meaningful themes of brotherhood, compassion, responsibility, family, betrayal and depth. It's also told from a unique perspective and has an authentic narrative, offering a very intimate portrayal of the experience that many soldiers have faced at war, and the many layers and lives it touches.

Check out my interview with Moran below and grab your tickets for the limited release of this meaningful film, opening in AMC Theatres tomorrow.

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