Matt Damon Circling THE MARTIAN

By Amirose Eisenbach April 10, 2014

Matt Damon is no stranger to sci-fi and action flicks. Leading such films as "Elysium" and the original "Bourne trilogy", Damon has just the right blend of charisma and believable fighting chops. Damon may soon be revisiting the sci-fi world, as it's being reported that he is circling a new space thriller titled "The Martian".

Described as a mix between "Apollo 13" and "Cast Away", Damon would play an American space explorer trapped on Mars, who needs to find a way home to Earth before his supplies run out. Could this be a project in a similar vein as Sam Rockwell in "Moon"? One can only dream.

Drew Goddard, best known for helming the fantastic "Cabin in the Woods", was originally locked in to direct. He since then dropped out to lead the charge on Sony's "Sinister Six" film, within the "Spider-Man" universe. The director the production is able to lock may determine Damon's interest. With "Elysium" producer Simon Kinberg overseeing the production however, chances are a bit more in favor of him staying close to see how the pieces fit together.

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Source: Empire

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