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AMC Jedi Council - A STAR WARS Podcast

May 6, 2014
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The first episode of AMC's new Star Wars show AMC JEDI COUNCIL! Panel includes AMC Movie News Editor-In-Chief John Campea, AMC Movie News contributor and host of the Star Wars Podcast FAR FAR AWAY Kristian Harloff, Co-Founder of RED 5 COMICS and former Director of LucasOnline Paul Ens and special guest Director of the film FANBOYS Kyle Newman!

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Recent Comments

  • WasntRedJohn posted on MARCH MOVIE MADNESS: Round 2 Brackets for Best Animated Film!

    The only one of these I had difficulty in choosing was Toy Story 2 vs Jungle Book. There rest were easy. Also, majorly dissapointed there's no anime in here. 8 of the finalists are Pixar, only The Iron Giant ISN'T a Disney movie in the last 16. It is about whats popular and not about whats the best. That's not always wrong though, The Incredibles is much better than Snow White, which to me, is only on this list because it was the first ever feature length animation. Robin Hood is better, Sword in the Stone is better, Alice in Wonderland, Lady and the Tramp, THE FOX AND THE HOUND are all better than Snow White. Add to that the complete lack of Dreamworks movies in the first place. Really? Just TWO!? Where's Antz or The Prince of Egypt or Megamind or SHREK! You couldn't push Toy Story 2 or Snow White out for one of those? Personally, I'd have had X up there instead of Princess Mononoke, but Spirited Away is better than Pinocchio and Grave of the Fireflies is better than Nightmare before Christmas. I'm willing to bet the people that voted on this First round haven't even seen most of the Disney opposition. And that's not because of the result, its because of the scores. A lot of these should have been much closer than they were. From what's left, if it's not an Iron Giant / Toy Story 3 final, it's a travesty and you people out there don't know what a good movie is.

  • jonathan erik lopez posted on MARCH MOVIE MADNESS: Round 2 Brackets for Best Animated Film!

    You need to understand these all films are great and tested through and by time. But choosing is about what you decide. My choice is nt what i saw but what sticks me

  • Eric O. posted on MARCH MOVIE MADNESS: Round 2 Brackets for Best Animated Film!

    Only one non-Disney film make it to the Quarters? This is wrong on all levels...